spring craft - paper flowers

although we know spring seems very far away still, it will be here before we know it! we started working on some of our props for our spring window displays last night. we are making paper flowers that are so easy (and inexpensive) to make. you can make some for yourself!

what you'll need:
-colored construction paper or poster board
-double-sided tape
1.cut the paper into about 1 inch wide strips. you can cut them at any width and length, depending on how big or small you want your flowers.

2.stack the strips (we recommend using 5-11 strips depending on how many petals you want, use your creativity!) and staple them once in the center, then fold the stack in half to form a little book.
3. put a little piece of double-sided tape at the tip of the first "page." then bend it inward toward the center and stick it down. repeat for every "page" until you have a circular flower shape.
and for the finished product...
we will post more pictures when we have the window displays done, but for now we are off to making more flowers! ❤

here are some links to some other really cool paper flowers you can try:

Paper Bag Flowers - Martha Stewart (we tried these ones too, and they were super easy and fun)
Tissue Paper Flowers - (these ones are a little more difficult)
How to Make Perfect Paper Daisies - CraftStylish


  1. Cute! I'll have to try these for my window.

  2. they are sooo easy, you could make them with michaela!!!

  3. they remind me of something i would see in an Anthropologie window, great color! Cant wait to try it! Like these fantastic examples--> http://whimsicalworldoflaurabird.blogspot.com/2011/01/antropologie-windows.html