gemonie interview and GIVEAWAY

it's our second giveaway, and it couldn't have come at a better time with mother's day right around the corner (may 8th!) enjoy this interview with local barrington artist, lesley karasinski of gemonie jewelry. to enter this week's giveaway, you must stop by the shop before next thursday, may 5th, and mention you read this blog post. we will then enter you to win these beautiful hand-wired amethyst and sterling silver gemonie earrings. ($35 value) we will also give you a FREE GIFT with any purchase over $20!

tell us a little about yourself…

my name is lesley karasinski and i am the designer behind gemonie jewelry. i grew up in the north-east coast of england but have lived here in the US for the last ten years. i moved to barrington with my family four years ago and work out of my home studio.

why did you decide to become an artist?

there has never been a time when i didn’t want to create. growing up, i was lucky to be part of a very creative family, one who believed that something handmade came straight from the heart. i was encouraged to explore many artistic avenues, everything from painting to sewing. i fell in love with designing jewelry when i wanted to make unique pieces for myself and friends.

how has your jewelry changed or developed over time?

my designs have definitely developed over time and are always evolving. creativity is very much a journey, there are always new techniques to learn and perfect, which influence the direction of my work.

what inspires you?

i draw inspiration from everywhere and everything! from nature and the changing of seasons, to fashion and art. i also find the materials i use in my work very inspirational themselves. just playing around with different gemstones and beads usually creates a flurry of ideas and endless possibilities!

do you have a quote you live by?

“follow your heart” – in everything you do.

three things you couldn’t live without…

my children’s smiles….. all three of them!
alternatively, my camera, music and a good book.

lesley was kind enough to share some photos of her beautiful studio as well!
don't forget to stop by to enter to win a pair of earrings, and receive your free gift with purchase of $20 or more!

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